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TermaTech TermaTech

Termatech based in Denmark was established in 2003. It produces energy wood stoves and wood accessories. Wood stoves that provide warmth to various fronts in terms of design, price and environment.

When the Termatech architects begin designing a wood stoves, the starting point is the aesthetics, the quality and the efficiency that they should work together nicely. Basic philosophy behind their products in addition to achieving a balance between quality and price, is the focus on in design, technology, operation and environment. It is important that wood stoves are not only attracted to the eye but that they are both environmentally friendly and user friendly.

The features that make Termatech products stand out were and still are of high quality and at competitive prices.

Therefore, product development and continuous product optimization is a major part of its identity, as it is important to keep track of market developments and trends, while at the same time helping to strengthen and develop the company.

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