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Austroflamm is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of modern energy fireplaces and energy wood stoves. It was founded in 1983 and its headquarters are in Austria. It produces modern technology and design products, specially designed to meet the most demanding international standards.

Austroflamm products are well-known for their modern design and excellent combustion technology, making pollutant emissions even lower than the strictest standards.

Inside, the fireplace and wood stove fireplaces feature Keramott slabs, a specially designed by Austroflamm, which perfectly combines thermal insulation with thermal conductivity. As a result, the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures quickly. This ensures a clean combustion with low emissions. The Keramott material is heat resistant up to 1200˚C. Due to Keramott's special features, the combustion chamber is self-cleaning. The lining gets less carbon black than comparable materials and remains brilliantly bright.

Finally, for those who want their energy fireplace, apart from directly warming, to save some of the heat, Austroflamm exclusively has the leading HMS (Heating memory systems) which adapts around the hearth, stores heat and emits it for next few hours.

Austroflamm's reputation is based on quality, design and innovation.

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