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Fireplace Conversion

Convert your traditional open fireplace into an energy saving fireplace and you will get much higher heating efficiency and with much less wood consumption

Differences of a traditional fireplace with an energy fireplace:

The differences are big for the heating and the cost of use.

The traditional open fireplace:

  • They warm up locally
  • The thermal efficiency of wood reaches only 10-15%
  • Wood consumption is large and uncontrolled
  • Wood burning pollutes the environment

In contrast with the energy fireplace:

  • Heats up much more and distributes space heating
  • They have very small and controlled consumption of wood. Their consumption is at 1-2 Kg/h
  • They utilize 80-85% of the thermal output of wood
  • They are closed-type fireplaces
  • With zero emissions to the environment

Replacing the traditional fireplace in energy fireplace is done in a very short time and without damage to the exterior of the fireplace

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